Welcome to The Mental Health Creative!


This is an inclusive space for the creative exploration of the mental health experience. Here we believe in compassion and acceptance of our full selves (including the parts we like least), and engage creative, intuitive and holistic practices to support happier, more meaningful lives for everyone. Drawing on coaching, counselling, creative and spiritual practices, the MHC seeks to empower people to develop self-understanding, self-compassion and self-regulation. 

The Mental Health Creative offers coaching & workshops for individuals, families & organizations.

All services are trauma-informed, strengths-based, feminist and client-centered.

Parrish Wilson standing and laughing, pink shirt blue jeans bare feet

I’m Parrish, a Mental Health Advocate, Educator & Coach, and founder of The Mental Health Creative. Along with my own mental health struggles and the adventure that is raising two neurodivergent children, the work I’ve done in schools, nonprofits and the private sector has led me to develop respect and understanding for the complexity and nuance of the mental health experience. I have a Master’s degree in Counselling & Spirituality, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Women’s Studies, a Child & Youth Worker Diploma and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing, and over the years I’ve gotten a reputation as a fierce advocate for compassionate and client-led mental health care!

I believe that every person who struggles knows what they need and can do better when their needs are met. I engage creative therapies, practical problem solving and solution focused counselling to up-end the stigma of mental health and shift perspectives to see the unique beauty in everyone.   

The Mental Health Creative has services for individuals, families and organizations.

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Graffiti on a brick wall says "Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it"