Services offered by the MHC are creative in nature. This does not mean that all services are arts based, but rather that we take a creative approach to mental health support, recognizing that good mental health requires a wholistic perspective supported by self-advocacy, emotion-regulation and meaningful fulfillment. We work with individuals, families and organizations to address their unique mental health needs.

Mental Health Training & Workshops

MHC Founder, Parrish Wilson MA CYW, is a highly skilled workshop facilitator and trainer who offers her personal insight as well as twenty years of professional experience in the field of mental health to provide training that is engaging, effective and inspiring. Her workshops weave together up-to-date research findings, best practices, creativity and self-reflection activities to create powerful experiences for learning and transformation.   

Click for more information about Corporate Training including data from the September 2022 publication from the World Health Organization and International Labour Organization.

Trainings and workshops are designed specific to the needs of each group. Small and large groups can be accommodated as well as in-person and online delivery. Click here to get in touch to set up mental health training for your organization.

Mental Health Coaching Services

Mental Health Coaching is available for individuals, couples and families who are struggling with a variety of mental health challenges including overwhelm, mood swings, anxiety and difficult behaviour. The MHC approach to mental health coaching is collaborative and creative, with a belief in the clients’ ability to self advocate when met with respect and compassion. Moving beyond the perspective of mental health being something that needs to be fixed, your coach will encourage you to honour your unique way of being and identify solutions that work for you. For families this is incredibly relieving as they stop seeing their child(ren) as a problem, and learn how to work cooperatively with them to bring more peace to the home.

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Coaching is not therapy and for some people, both are required. Interested potential clients will have a 20-minute complimentary consultation to discuss their needs with an MHC coach to determine if this service is a good fit. Click here to get in touch.

↓↓↓ These are the kinds of things we work with ↓↓↓


  • Breaking down stigma
  • Self-regulation & co-regulation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Practices for fulfillment & meaning
  • Boundaries & healthy relationships


Make real changes in your life by building skills, problem solving solutions and learning to trust yourself.

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